April 27, 2014

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Sold Strips & Staple Guns, Ready Set Go!

Springtime is buying time in Seattle, same as every year.  This past week I posted a couple of sold strips over in Magnolia, beautiful two-story classic homes that my clients will enjoy for many years.  The Seattle real estate market is brisk, as one client put it yesterday “Yikes, it’s a jungle out there” and that’s due […]

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Springtime Gardens

Everything we bring to the garden, the patio, or the deck, says a little bit about who we are and how we like to present our homes.  As a realtor, I am always emphasizing that first impressions are key to being the best home on the market.  How your outdoor spaces look is something everyone can […]

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Competing in Multiple Offers in Seattle

The Seattle real estate market is still surprisingly hot, with inventory lagging typical standards.  If you’re out shopping for a home, my best advice is to shop in a lower range than what your maximum amount of purchase is because nearly all multiple offers lead to a sales price above the asking price, and if […]

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Estate Sales & Selling Estates

I’ve been working on a couple of estates that will come on the market later this Spring, and I just thought I’d share some advice about how to market and sell these properties. Estate Sales are both easy and challenging, as there is often a fair amount of getting ready so that the home can turn […]

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