June 2014

The ‘Summer Solstice’ brings tips for Sellers

As we enter official "summer season" in Seattle, sales are heating up and buyers are impressed with garden spaces, decks & terraces now more than ever.  In the winter months we tend to find comfort in cozy fireplaces, kitchen nooks and interior spots that create retreats from the winter storms and rainy, windy weather.  This time of year, having just celebrated the Summer Solstice, we adore fire...

Live Music Always Makes Me Smile

Today, the 13th of June, we're featuring live music and wonderful artists at our Greenwood Art Walk.  Cloudy skies with a full moon will set the stage for the Ballard Alps, aka Larry & Stephen, on acoustic guitar.  Special guests for us include Deana Albers, jewelry maker, and Judy Talley's group of artists and print-makers including herself with some wonderful newer creations and vintage prints,...

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