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Do Dining Rooms matter?

Do Dining Rooms matter?  A common question when you’re touring potential new homes to buy.  So when asked about the need to have a proper dining room, I believe that if you can find a place to set up dinner for four, you’ve got all you need.  Many older traditional homes feature a dining room off the kitchen,  and in the day when our lives were more structured that made perfect sense.  All of us came together for dinner at about the same time and sat down to a prepared meal in the dining room.  Today’s lives are far more flexible and having a table in the kitchen or in a great room area, or next to a window in the living room may fit in better with the spaces available and the life you are living.  The important thing to think about is if you have friends or family over, is there a comfortable spot to sit around and share your meal and fun conversations.  Once you have that identified, you will enjoy making memories over home cooked meals.  If you’re working with rearranging your spaces and want any help walking through your plans, please feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to see if I can shed any light on new ways to enjoy your home.


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