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Don’t Fear Color, It Truly Sells!

Where would we be with white walls?  This Ballard listing of mine is fantastic because the home has oodles of personality and it all starts with a wonderful color palate that works beautifully from room to room.  If you’ve watched body language of people at open houses, you know that everyone is truly enjoying a home when they hang out, don’t seem to want to leave and just seem happy in the home.  The handsome colors throughout my new listing at 6810 28th Ave NW, affordable at $575,000, and open to tour on Sunday 2-4, has a fantastic color palate.  The same home with off-white walls would be bland and uninteresting.  Adding color throughout has made it a showpiece and with over 75 agents through the home in the past 48 hours I think we can tell that color sells.  For more info on what makes buyer’s love homes, follow my weekly blog at www.liztalley.com.Dining Room 02

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