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I’ve been working on a couple of estates that will come on the market later this Spring, and I just thought I’d share some advice about how to market and sell these properties. Estate Sales are both easy and challenging, as there is often a fair amount of getting ready so that the home can turn over to new owners. Putting it on the market full of clutter and boxes is not what I recommend.  I think estates sell for more money and to a larger pool of buyers when they have been emptied, cleaned and polished a little.  I’m doing a big shout out to Cindy & David of gggestateservices.com also known as Going Going Gone Estate Sales for their ability to bring a super positive attitude to the process of going through a home including closets, crawl spaces, and nooks and crannies to identify everything worth selling, to clean it, price it, market and sell the belongings in a professional manner and with great results. Some of my clients are using them right now prior to listing their homes. Once the home is empty, it’s worthwhile to get it really empty, removing old carpeting, curtains, and other elements that make it feel closed up and cramped.  A fresh feel, with light and bright rooms will help so much in the eyes of the buyers when they come through the property.   Painting out a wall that had faded over the years where paintings or photos were displayed gives the home a clean presentation.  Often elderly owners have accumulated many things over the years and this process can be challenging or overwhelming.  Please know that I am always happy to do a complimentary walk through and offer advice to help create a plan. It’s such a relief for estates to know that there are great resources they can use in this process. photo (6)

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