Favorite days of Summer

The best days of Summer are upon us, and it makes me remember the importance of slowing down and enjoying them.  Six months from now we’ll be bundled up in sweaters & coats, so take the time to walk on the beach, enjoy a short hike, or crack open a good mystery book.  When you’re in the middle of a stretch of hot sunny days, it’s a great time to reflect on how very fortunate we are to be living in Seattle.  The blooming gardens and shade covered backyards are a delight to enjoy, so grab an hour over the weekend or after work for a bit of “me time” while we have it.  My favorite annual event is coming up this weekend, Art in the Park, at the Pea Patch over on 25th Avenue NW and NW 86th – you’ll enjoy the combination of walking through a working garden, hearing live music and also being able to meet artists, photographers, and more who are selling their goods at this annual pop up event.  It’s an easy one to drop in on, it’s free, and food trucks fill the parking lot next door so you can enjoy lunch or a snack while you’re at it.  Have a great summer!

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