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What a Groovy Place!

“What a groovy place!” Right out of the mouth of my hip younger photographer when she shot photos of my listing on 6th Ave NW.  She nailed it.  50 Agents came through in the first 24 hours, 200+ folks stopped by over the weekend at the open houses.  Nine buyers took the time to write offers and tell us a bit about themselves and what they like about the home.  We so appreciate the level of interest on this listing and it was certainly wonderful for the sellers of this home, who had enjoyed it during the years they lived there.  What brings this type of attention to a listing?  Photos, Staging, Location and Pricing. Instead of selling something like all of the rest, it is a gift to buyers to present them with something that is hip, groovy and has personality.  It just is cool to walk into a home and have a bank of south-facing windows welcome you.  And who wouldn’t enjoy a spa-like master suite?  I wish I had more of these to sell to the buyers who were outbid on this home, but meanwhile if you own “groovy” and you’re thinking of selling, now would be an excellent time to get in touch and find out more about our current market.Dining Room 01

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