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Healthy Eating Tips from a Pro

I followed through on a New Year’s resolution and met with Lauren yesterday to talk about food.  I’ve been wondering about what choices to make and having a chance to get advice from a nutritionist seemed like the best place to go.  If you’re interested in this, get in touch with me and I’ll share Lauren’s contact info with you.  Mostly it’s nice to have a plan so I can make better choices in the new year.

Worried about your metabolism slowing down?

The easy answer here is “exercise” because the best way to be fit is to build muscle, rather than worry about what you’re eating and if your metabolism is slowing down.  That goes for people in many age groups.

Concerned you’ve been drinking too much coffee?

The amount of coffee you drink is fine so long as you are matching it with water.  Keep a balance going and you should be fine.

What’s the best focal point on my dinner plate?

Let’s make vegetables the start of your main course and have meat & protein be the extra topping.  If you don’t focus on meats as the main part of the meal, you’ll have a healthier dinner.  Boost your vegetables, for example have Spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, or other veggies as the main part of your dinner plate, then add protein as an extra.  Remember Fish is a great protein so keep eating your fish.

How can I make vegetables yummy?

A little flavoring can turn them around.  Roasted Brussel Sprouts with just a bit of maple syrup, salt & pepper and a touch of basalmic vinegar is great.  You can add a little roasted red peppers and corn to your sliced cabbage and it comes to life.  Dark green veggies are super good for you, but Kale can be bitter so add lemon juice and really mix it in so it’s coated – it won’t get soggy and can last in the fridge for a few days.  Add Spinach and other veggies to as many meals as possible.

Should I buy Organic produce & organic dairy?

Yes.  Especially important on fruits like strawberries, apples, etc.  If you can afford Organic, buy it.

What about cutting out Carbs to get thin?

Don’t cut out carbs, you need carbs to get energy and so they shouldn’t  be eliminated.  But if you want to stay full longer between meals be sure to add some fat to your meals so that you stay full and be aware of food labels on anything processed – that is where there can be some bad choices with the amount of sugar & calories in foods.

What are some good lunch options?

Cheeses that I like are Feta Cheese & Parmesan Cheese for flavoring.

Turkey Chicken and Vegetarian Tempe are great proteins

Fruit as a side item on your plate is ideal at lunch

You can enjoy grain based options like Barley, Quinwa and Farro with some roasted veggies on top.

If you plan to work out or go for a walk after lunch, eat a banana or apple for a boost first.

Avoid those high sugar Cliff  Bars unless you’re training for a marathon or something like that.

Some food options we forget about that are easy and good for you as snacks include:

Hummus with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, snap peas.  You can have apple slices with cheese or nut butters.


That’s my take-away from my first session with Lauren.  I’ll have other nutrition tips from her posted on my site from time to time.

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