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My “Home in the Trees” Sold So Fast

Sometimes you just know a particular home is going to sell when you hit the market, and sure enough it sells pretty fast.  My “Home in the Trees” listing had 32 parties through during the brokers open house, lasting two hours, this past Wednesday.  Sunny skies made the home sparkle, and without a doubt everyone who walked in saw that it was unique, private and definitely not a home you find around Ballard every day.  The buyers came in strong on Friday and we are sold subject to inspection.  What I appreciate about the buyers is that they have a sailboat nearby at Shilshole Marina.  Somehow this home seemed to me like it would be most attractive to a person who has a boat or lived on a houseboat because of the incredible detailing with fir cabinets, built-ins, and wood wrapped windows.  Also the south facing deck is magical even this late in the season.  I’m fortunate to have such great sellers who worked with me to make this home look so wonderful when we put the sign in the yard, but every home has that “right buyer” out there and sometimes it is just figuring out who they are and having the home present itself in the very best light to that potential client.  Let me publicly thank Ozzie Kvithammer, to whom I am very grateful.  Here’s another look at that very special place in North Beach.

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