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New Year’s Ruminations

I find it funny how every year about this time I want to make the same list of New Year’s Resolutions, from eat more veggies to exercise daily.  This year I hope to break the cycle and bust out with some different aims and aspirations.  In the land of real estate sales, some articles would lead you to believe that the Seattle real estate market is toast, but in reality it has finally settled down after a four year run that was remarkable but unsustainable.  We now have more inventory and a bit higher interest rates, though they are still so low compared to when we bought our first home years ago.  I still see real estate overall as one of the best places to invest.  My year end recommendations for buying this year are to focus on great locations and solid construction, and try to pick up properties that have sat on the market for a couple of weeks, perhaps needing cosmetic updates. You can always improve a home,  but it is hard to improve a location.   I’ll be posting photos from my neighborhood walks on Facebook and hope that as you enter 2019 you also find yourself discovering new interests and enjoying all the things our community has to offer.  Happy New Year!

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