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Remember living in Throw-back-Thursdays?

Throw back Thursday posts on Facebook bring up memories of great times as a teen around Seattle.  Did you grow up around here and enjoy parties in your friends homes?  Our cousins’ basement was headquarters for lots of games while the parents visited upstairs.  This picture, from a home we just sold on Dibble Avenue, captures the vibe of a Throw Back Thursday place and suggests you can recapture your youth with the right pieces of furniture in a fabulous old family room.  If you’re into the retro look, you’re living in the right town.  Lots of consignment shops are selling mid-century pieces and the combination of something old and something new can go together really nicely to create a cool “one of a kind” look.  Mid century style homes abound in Blue Ridge, Olympic Manor and Magnolia.  It’s something I’ve been selling more and more of, as families grow and space becomes a bigger priority.



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