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What “sells” at an Open House?

The thing about open houses is that buyers see your home for the first time in person and have a gut instinct, immediately, telling them if it is the place for them.  While not everyone has witnessed this, I believe it happens within seconds of walking in the front door.  All the photos on-line can’t sell a home, but the moment the right buyer walks in the door, you can see it in their face that they know they’ve found their new home, and often they just keep saying “I love it” over and over again.  When you’re working with a seasoned agent, they can help you dial up the entryway, the interior rooms and create an ambiance that speaks to buyers.  This photo is of a kitchen that we “restyled” mostly by rearranging and editing furniture so that when you walked into the kitchen, your eye was drawn to the view and spectacular light coming in. The remodeled kitchen was terrific, but the view is what really sold the home.  Almost everyone who came through the property hung out in the kitchen, talking to me but gazing out the window and taking in all in. We got two offers and sold it for cash at over asking price.


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