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Shopping for Sunny Residences

In the winter months, a little glimpse of sunshine is so cherished by us here in Seattle.  It really defines which properties you want to spend time in, those south-facing kitchens where you look upon a busy garden, and the south-facing nooks in the home that make you want to curl up with a good book and sit for a while.  The summer here is divine, but between the storms that roll through during the winter months, we crave our Sun and it seems to me that this really has an impact on which properties show the best in the winter months.  If you have it, southern and western exposure, your home will sell easily any time of the year.  If you are more in a lower lying area, or on the east side of a hill, waiting a few months for the sun to shift higher into the sky will likely make your home more appealing to a larger group of buyers.  The little things that make us “fall in love” with a property are so subliminal but always meaningful.  From the scent of a candle, to the sun streaming in the window, the perky fresh posies by the front door, and the music playing in the background, all of it leaves an immediate impression on guests and potential buyers.  Don’t overlook those sunshine breaks, they represent the best time to see open houses.

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