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The “Spa” Bath

If you’re on the fence about doing certain updates to your home, and wonder if it pays to upgrade the bathroom, the resounding answer is “Yes, it does” just ask any buyers out looking at homes for sale.  Many places have bathrooms that were original to the home, and if you’re able to increase the size and the condition of the bathroom, you will create an asset when you are ready to sell.  There are a few simple elements that really make a difference in the bathroom, 1) lighting, 2) space, 3) color scheme, and finally 4) fixtures (which sometimes need replacing and sometimes can just be refurbished).  Without making too big of a fuss over baths, let me just mention that it is probably the one room in the home where the buyers respond with either a hot or cold response, just like the faucets.  Buyers either say “hey great bathroom, take a look at this” when they see it, or they say “hmmm, this could use some updating” and add it to the list of things to get to when and if time and money is available.  I would recommend visiting the HOUZZ site on line to get fantastic ideas for renovations and also just to figure out what color palate might blend in best with your existing home.  This bathroom is in a home I sold recently in the Loyal Heights neighborhood,  and it was admired by a number of buyers who wrote up offers on the house.  If you’d like more ideas about what remodeling projects matter in the world of real estate, take a look at my weekly blog at www.liztalley.com.


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