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Special places in a home

If you’re like me, you feel super comfortable in special places in a home.  Could be that there is a old fashioned booth in the kitchen that just feels great to sit in and unwind.  Sometimes it is a window seat that catches southern exposure and the sun streaks in making you want to curl up with a book.  Often it is just the way you know it’s a happy house, and while you’re walking through the home everything seems to reassure you that you could enjoy living there.  As a realtor who has held too many open houses to count, I’ve seen it happen again and again where someone comes through an open house and just seems to want to move right in.  The house speaks to them on many levels and they know it could be the one.  As we roll into Spring in Seattle, which is generally the busiest time of year for home sales, I recommend that you leave the on-line browsing behind, and take a tour of some of the inventory that is coming on the market now.  Nothing like walking in the door, and knowing you love it.

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