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Springtime Sales Sizzling

It’s that time of year when everything on the market is selling.  Once again we are in the Spring frenzy, with lots of buyers looking for the “right place” to call home, and a shortage of inventory that makes home sellers happy.  March saw very little inventory on the market, so many homes brought in multiple offers as buyers went after their favorite properties.  I found this especially true in the heart of the city where the biggest pool of buyers are shopping.  Four to seven offers on a home was not unusual in the past few weeks.  What makes Spring such a hot time for sales?  It’s a combination of five elements: 1) light inventory, 2) low interest rates, 3) Brighter sunnier days help homes show better and improve buyer appeal, 4) sellers are able to make cosmetic improvements before listing their homes with the better weather, and 5) optimism blossoms in the Springtime.  My thoughts are that the Spring Season is a perfect time for making life changes and after coming through a very damp and drizzly Winter we are all glad to be seeing the seasons turn.  I plan to have some very special homes on the market in April and I hope you will visit me at one of my open houses. Meanwhile I’ve enjoyed another walk under the cherry trees on Sunset Hill.

Cherry Tree Pic


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