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Staging creates the Strongest Emotional Appeal

Having listed & sold homes for many years, I’ve always been a big proponent of making a strong first impression on buyers, and nothing can create that emotional appeal as readily as good staging.  This handsome Loyal Heights home sold a while ago, in a week with multiple offers,  and the staging had a lot to do with raising the bar and the way you felt when you entered the home.  Terrific color choices in the oak floor refinishing and strong contrasts from the calming green Living Room into the bright white accents in the Kitchen were dynamic, but setting a theme or style really brought this to another level to enjoy.  Remember when you’re getting ready to sell your home to think about 1) how does it look, 2) how does it feel, 3) how does it smell, 4) are there calming & relaxing elements like Eucalyptus scent and soft jazz music playing, and 5) when you walk in the door, do you feel like you’d want to stay there all day?  You’ll notice some agents and buyers seem to speed up when they tour open houses, and then certain homes seem to catch them in a trance and they really don’t want to leave.  When you’ve got the best elements working together, with the right staging, pricing and presentation, buyers become more relaxed, more in tune with the home, and more likely to want to make it theirs.  It’s all about making the magic happen and creating happy buyers & sellers.

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