April 29, 2015

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Why are there so few homes for sale?

That’s what a new client asked me yesterday.  “How come there are so few houses for sale?”  In a nutshell, the number of buyers coming into Seattle looking for a home, coupled with the number of local buyers who want to make a move is far outweighing the amount of attractive, well priced housing inventory.  If a […]

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Greenwood is becoming old Ballard

Little by little we have watched boutiques, bakeries, and renovations making their way down Greenwood Avenue and as each storefront transitions I’m more and more aware of how this reminds me of Ballard say 10 or 15 years ago.  The classic architecture of these little storefronts with their picture windows showcasing their merchandise is absolutely […]

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Staging Always Sells!

  Few things make you want to buy a home more than “how it feels” when you walk in the door, and staging always sells!  If you’ve ever walked into a vacant home, you’ll find yourself guessing how the furniture would fit in the rooms and estimating their sizes.  Bring in staging and the home […]

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