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Staging Always Sells!

Kitchen 03  Few things make you want to buy a home more than “how it feels” when you walk in the door, and staging always sells!  If you’ve ever walked into a vacant home, you’ll find yourself guessing how the furniture would fit in the rooms and estimating their sizes.  Bring in staging and the home talks to you, sharing how it could be lived in, what it would feature and most importantly showcasing it’s true personality.  When we walk into a home before putting it on the market, one of the first things on our list is to see how to make it look it’s best for potential buyers.  Often with a vacant home we start thinking about the target audience who will want the home and then work towards creating an interior vibe that they will love.  With staging in place the home looks better on-line, in marketing pieces and most importantly within the first two minutes when potential buyers walk in the door, and that is key because that’s when most buying decisions take place.  If you’ve been thinking it’s a hot market and staging is not necessary, rethink that and tour a few homes that are staged and are vacant and I bet you’ll come around to seeing it the same way I do.  This particular home was listed near Green Lake and the sellers were thrilled with the pile of offers that came in on it and we plan to have the sale close in the near future.

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