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Liz’s 2018 Predictions

As we wrap up 2017, I thought I might as well share some of my real estate predictions for the new year!  It’s been years in the making, but I think it’s safe to say that these 8 ideas may very well come true in 2018. My top three predictions are (1) Greenwood will become the next Ballard, (2) Abandoned rental bicycles will clutter our streets and sidewalks as the city grows, (3) Home buyers getting traditional loans will continue to be frustrated at the Seattle market.  I’ve felt Greenwood has been maturing and growing for the past three years and while I adore Ballard, especially historic Ballard Avenue, there is some energy that’s quite similar in this often forgotten neighborhood.  Check it out.  The bicycle fiasco, we continue to need ways to get from here to there, but I think we’re still in the old Research & Development stage of figuring out the rental bicycle thing and soon there will be piles of them on many corners.  Finally the financing worries – it is so frustrating to find a great home, write a great offer, and watch the buyer with all cash snatch it up.  I don’t think we’re done with this segment of growth in our area as many newcomers bring big money to Seattle and also financially secure home owners have decided to diversify and purchase investment real estate – likely that darling cute home that just hit the market, for all cash.  Prediction (4) is that the interest rates will increase this year to 5% – could be all wrong here but this is what I’m predicting will happen.  Prediction (5) is the condo market will surge as builders continue to build large apartment buildings and stay away from building new condos to avoid any potential construction defect litigation – in a growing city having a steady flow of new inventory keeps things in balance and we aren’t seeing much in the way of new condos being built.  Prediction (6) you’ll be upset about how long it takes to get across town every single week as our growing pains in the city translate to much longer travel times.  Prediction (7) is you’ll be astonished to find out what your neighbors are renting their mother-in-law apartment out for, and you might even consider jumping into the landlord game yourself.  And my final prediction is that the average home price in our area will be north of $800,000 by the end of the year.   As you reflect on what 2018 may bring your way, I hope you enjoy the beautiful gifts that Seattle offers us as custodians of the city.  The photo below, from one of my favorite locations – Green Lake – shows that the lake can be just as enticing in the middle of winter as on a pleasant Summer day.  Enjoy the journey!

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