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Ballard is the Hottest Hood!

Front 03 “BALLARD” it is the only place in town that I know of where bicycle riders, cars & pedestrians are all gathering like there is no tomorrow – That’s a Typical Sunday heading to the Ballard Farmer’s Market.  What makes it remarkable is that a few short years ago our neighborhood farmers market was in a parking lot where the new Library is now located and the aesthetic was absolutely lacking.  Applause please for Curtis Steiner who had the forethought to relocate the market to where it is today.  Enjoying the festivities on our historic tree-lined Ballard Avenue could not be more charming.  Part of the fun is going and seeing pals, enjoying music and a meal on the run.  But for the serious gourmets in the city, this is a regular destination to pick up coveted treats that become the suppers of the week.  From fresh seafood to baked bread, organic veggies and even unique pottery created by none-other than our friend Randi Starup, you are bound to find it refreshing and delightful.  It’s one of the unique features that puts Ballard on the map as absolutely unbeatable.  If you haven’t gone yet, put it on your “must do” list for next Sunday.

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