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Love garages? Me too!

Love garages?  Me too!  Here in Seattle garages are so desirable for lots of reasons.  Cars top the list of why you’d want to have one, but many of the in-city garages we see when touring homes for sale have taken on second lives, such as garden sheds, workshops, yoga studios, home offices and so on and so forth.  Want to make yours better?  You can improve the space by adding a window or skylights, or by adding a door and a welcoming garden path.  Sometimes something as simple as how the garage interacts with the garden, with the addition of a curving pebble pathway leading up to the side of the garage and a new door, can change the entire vibe and get you using it more often.  I’ve been searching garages on one of my favorite on-line sites this past week Houzz which is sort of an on-line catalogue of magazine photos and architect’s projects.  After looking through their featured garages and thinking about some of my all-time favorites out there, here are easy ways to enhance yours to be more attractive and more practical.  Three things I’d recommend if you don’t already have them in your garage are 1) a music source, 2) folding chairs or stools so you can get comfortable when you’re spending time out there, and 3) adding an improved systems for sorting and organizing what you have in your garage.  Some funky art is not a bad idea either, since it makes a statement about you.  For more of my thoughts on real estate, enjoy my weekly blog at www.liztalley.com.

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