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The ‘Summer Solstice’ brings tips for Sellers

As we enter official “summer season” in Seattle, sales are heating up and buyers are impressed with garden spaces, decks & terraces now more than ever.  In the winter months we tend to find comfort in cozy fireplaces, kitchen nooks and interior spots that create retreats from the winter storms and rainy, windy weather.  This time of year, having just celebrated the Summer Solstice, we adore fire pits in backyards, hanging swings and trees creating canopies of shade in private backyards.  What’s hot with buyers this Summer?  Surprisingly the smaller well defined gardens are most popular.  No one seems to want to mow the lawn all summer (can’t blame them) so I’m seeing buyers gravitating towards smaller yards but with enticing views, nice decks for entertaining and quaint patios and outdoor spaces, sans lawns.  If you had it to do all over again, wouldn’t you prefer to pull an Adirondack chair up to the fire pit and enjoy an evening of burning embers and relaxing with friends rather than stretching after raking up a lot of grass clippings, edging and so forth.  If you’re planning to sell, spend a little time creating an inviting back garden complete with cushions, candles, strings of lights or fire pits.  The buyers will see the potential and imagine themselves having many starry nights in their future, as the new homeowner.  For more information about getting your home ready to sell see my previous blogs at www.liztalley.com.

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