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Selling in a Summer Market

This home that I just listed in Blue Ridge at 1537 NW Woodbine Way has that enticing outdoor view patio that is so seldom found.  The French doors off the Dining Room open right out onto it, and in fact it becomes the favorite room in the house all summer long.  When you’re able to sit down, feel a sense of privacy, enjoy views without any phone wires and some amazing sunsets, you’ve added up just about everything that buyers want in the summertime. Couple that with an easy to maintain garden with plantings that complement the home, very handsome properties all around you and Blue Ridge amenities such as tennis courts, pool & beach access, and you’ve hit the jackpot.  Every property has something special to feature, but for those homes that have ‘amazing outdoor spaces’ in their list of spectacular attributes, summer is simply the best time to sell.  For more information about this particular property, touch bases with me and I’ll arrange a private tour.



An enticing view in Blue Ridge


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